This weekend (Oct. 5 & 6) is the LDS General Conference . You can follow this event live on Twitter by watching the tag #ldsconf . If you are new to this, here are the 4 types of tweets people will post.

1. Quotes and summaries.

This is the most common type. These bite-sized chunks of sermon may be tasty, but the whole meal is on or .

2. Political comments

The LDS Church teaches some politically provocative beliefs. For instance, women are not allowed to hold the Priesthood . This year's hot topic among Utah Mormons is women's rights, largely due to the Kate Kelly's Ordain Women movement.

3. Opposing viewpoints

Not everyone tweeting is an LDS fan. Don't be surprised by the occasion jab at a particular speaker or doctrine; opponents love to ride the #ldsconf wave to spread their viewpoints.

4. Humor

The speakers of General Conference are typically very reverent and solemn, i.e. GC is not exactly a blockbuster action film . It's no surprise many will try to spice it up. Something as simple as a new black General Authority can create some buzz and a multitude of memes.